Sunday, February 8, 2009


FOOT Tattoos

Foot tattoos represents a part of the body in which some of the interesting tattoo designs can be made. Foot is the sensitive part of the body. Since the foot is a sensitive part, foot tattoos require a lot of post procedure care. This has to be taken by the person who wants to have his foot tattooed. To make a foot tattoo the tattoo artist must have a lot of experience and skill with them. The tattoo artist should have the in-depth skill to proceed with the foot tattoo.

Before having the tattoos drawn, the very important thing has to be done, which is consultation with the tattoo artist. Consultation of a tattoo artist is always a good idea before the ink starts. For the foot tattoo it is double important to have a consultation with the tattoo artist. Unlike the tattoos drawn in other parts of the body, foot tattoos have a high chance of ink migration.

Ink migration occurs basically when the design begins to spread around the skin of the foot. Ink migration leads to the following disadvantage in foot tattoos. Foot tattoos has to be simple in design and it requires constant touch ups. These two things have to be consulted to the tattoo artist before starting the process. Some of the tattoo artist won't do foot tattoos because they look less satisfactory to their work, with simple design.

The tattoo artists will charge for the touch up's, that has to be done atleast two or three times after the initial design of the foot tattoo. These visits can be reduced or eliminated by choosing a simple foot tattoo design. This can be done by constant consultation with the tattoo artist.

Most of the tattoos drawn require diligent care. But, the foot tattoo requires more than that. The tattoos drawn in other parts can heal in two to three weeks, without rubbing or making contact with that part. But this is very difficult with the foot tattoos. So, to have the foot tattooed that person has to be prepared to stop wearing shoes and socks for 2-3 weeks.

Foot tattoos are the most affected by the infection due to the materials used on them. Even the healed foot tattoos can be affected by the constant rubbing of shoes. So, it is important to take the necessary precautions, before and after the foot tattoo is drawn.